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MIOBI Juice Bar and Lounge

Four Inches of Wood

Make It Or Break It Juice Bar
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Make It Or Break It Community
What Is This Place?: This is a place for Make It Or Break It discussion, fic, and graphics.

New Folks: We encourage new members to post an introduction so we can get to know you and welcome you to the community. It's not at all mandatory, but if you feel inclined to say 'hi', we'd love it.

Guidelines and Actual Rules:

~ Please use an LJ cut for anything really long or image intensive.

~ Spoilers need to be under a cut. A spoiler is anything relating to episodes not yet aired, or the first twenty-four hours after an episode has aired. If in doubt, use a cut!

~ Play nice. Disagreements are fine, but not personal attacks. In other words, use your common sense and do unto others.

~ Have fun!



This community has moderated membership due to the amount of pr0n spam bots on LJ, but if you have a real LJ, membership will be approved as soon as possible.