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The Uncle Vin Show, Episode 3: Blowing off Steam

It's time for episode three of "The Uncle Vin Show" ... also known as Make It or Break It - Episode 3: Blowing off Steam.

The gallery of all the caps from the episode can be found here in my LJ scrapbook. Again, the caps are mostly Tony, but I have included a bigger selection of the other characters this time

When last we visited the Tanners, Steve had moved his daughter to the Denver gym but things backfired as Marty the coach quit. Steve still had not gotten up the courage to contact Vin so Lauren took matters into her own hands and emailed him hoping Vin would come see them. Meanwhile, Summer was making a pest of herself and Lauren was not happy that she had created a delusional relationship with her dad. Mary Sue and the other girls were feeling the stress and hating on poor Lauren.

As always, we start our story with the obligatory tongue shot. Steve is unsure of what may happen in today's pic spam

Our story begins with Kaylie complaining about how no one cares about her. She thinks her storyline with Carter is the most important one and she looks great in pink. Why don't people care more about her feelings!?!

Carter wonders how he let himself get caught up in such a lame story line with such a whiny girl. But he does admit Kaylie is pretty in pink.

Mary Sue is watching and waiting for her moment. She wonders how much longer she with have to tolerate these fools. It's a good thing she always wears black so we know that she can't be trusted.

I'm just saying she's not the first black wearing hard luck case we've had to watch out for.

Now it's time to check in with our main story line. Ezra Steve has decided he will confront Vin and travels to his cabin in Denver.

Steve is shocked to find that not only is Vin not there, but a David Beckham look-alike has moved in.

And he's stolen Steve's tongue move.

Steve is about to demand to know where Vin is when he realizes that this stranger is Sasha Beloff the famous gymnastics coach. What a crazy random happenstance!

Forgetting all about Vin, Steve proceeds to seduce entice Sasha to come coach at the Rock. He promises him all the shiny lures he wants and Sasha agrees because he like shiny things.

Steve decides he must take Lauren back to the Rock so she can save the world from Mary Sue and her minions. Besides Sasha insisted that there were more shiny things in Boulder and Steve wants to make Sasha happy.

The parents argue about who gets to keep Sasha and he gets angry and decides he'd rather be fishing. But Payson promises him that they are all very shiny and will work hard if he stays. This makes Sasha happy and he decides to stay but not before he puts all the parents under glass to keep them shiny too.

The Keelers are very happy that the The Blue fairy has granted their wish to make Payson a real girl. Payson is less than happy about her new real girl status and prefers being a shiny gymnast.

Mary Sue and her minions decide to go to a party where she proceeds to use her Jedi mind powers on all the boys.

Meanwhile Lauren and her dad go out to celebrate her birthday and she wonders if Uncle Vin will be there too when she sees the third table setting.

But it seems Vin is not coming. Instead her dad has invited Crazy Summer to join them and ruin her birthday

Steve doesn't understand why his daughter is upset. Summer isn't that crazy.

Lauren can't believe what an idiot her dad is sometimes. Why would he want psycho Summer when he can have Uncle Vin?

Lauren tries to explain this to her dad, who remembers what a good time they used to have with Uncle Vin. Summer is still confused about who Uncle Vin is.

Lauren has had enough and leaves. She doesn't even care about the cake. And Steve wonders if Summer's pretty long blond hair has once again blinded him to the fact that she is not Vin.

So ends another episode of the Uncle Vin show. Steve has once again been distracted by Crazy Summer and also by Shiny Sasha causing him to forget all about Vin

Until next time....
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